5 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

5 easy ways to make money online

The term ‘digital nomad’ is the new hippie – it sounds cool, but most people that claim to be one are just faking it. It’s so much more than a title. It’s all about the freedom and independence associated with it. A digital nomad is anyone that works online, and therefore has the freedom to live any and everywhere in the world. That’s what we do and how we have traveled and lived abroad for the past three years.

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But How?


Transitioning dreams into reality is a complex, and often overwhelming task. Often people get lost in the ‘how’ of it all, and forgo trying altogether. Why go through the trouble of creating your own path, knowing that there is a chance it will not lead anywhere, especially when there are so many other established paths for you to follow?

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“What Do You Do?”

Bike Riding in Los Angeles

Every dinner party started with this question, and for far too long, I allowed it to dictate the decisions in my life. I was too afraid to figure out what I wanted or who I wanted to be, because I didn’t want to have to go through the “difficult” stage of stumbling through my answer to the dreaded, “What Do You Do?”

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Traveling While Black II: No Escape

traveling while black

We didn’t begin traveling to escape anything; racism included. Honestly, I had no expectations for our journey around the world, only desire. It was the only thing I was passionate about, and throughout every phase of my life the desire never faded, instead it continuously intensified.

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We Still Travel for Growth


I’ve had a strong desire to travel for so long that I can’t even pinpoint its origin. Not only do I not know where the desire came from, I also have never had a clear idea of where travel was going to lead me, or my life.

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