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We're Amirah & Jarrell Cook

This is our Cool Young History

We've seriously been traveling the world, nonstop, for the past 3-years, country hopping across 4 continents, to 26 countries thus far. We are self sustaining entrepreneurs, and we don't clean toilets to travel.

After landing careers that made our parents proud, and peers jealous, we didn't experience the fulfillment or financial freedom we envisioned. In a tough decision, we chose to bet on ourselves to achieve greater success independently.

Terrified at the possibility of living a mediocre life, in a constant revolving door of working and buying newer, bigger and better things, we decided to create the lifestyle we wanted. Knowing that we didn't know what we didn't know, we sought to see the world together to experience different cultures and lifestyles, ultimately to help us create a unique life that fits us perfectly.

In September 2013, we bought two backpacks, sold everything that couldn’t fit in them, and set out to see the world, as we turned our honeymoon into a lifestyle. In a true “burn the ships” decision, we forced ourselves to become self-sufficient.

​We're the new age 'slow travelers'. We don't travel to check off bucket lists, or collect passport stamps. Instead, our goal is to understand as many cultures as possible, and copy their lifestyle characteristics to create a unique lifestyle of our own. So we stay as long as we want, and take our time feeling out places, rather than rushing through countries just to say we've been there.

Fortunately, we've been able to ditch the backpacks and backpacker budget, as we now travel while running our online business, teaching others how to live a location independent lifestyle, and shipping snack boxes from Thailand. Cool Young History is all about following your dreams and creating the lifestyle you want.

2015 Travel Highlights

Istanbul, Turkey

India Cool Young History

Goa, India

A Spontaneous Trip to Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Boss Talk: A Dollar And A Dream

Art Basel Hong Kong

No Hype.

No Debt.

No Investors.​

​This map is where we've been so far, although I doubt you can follow our trail, which in time has become a bit of a web. Jarrell has kinda given up on my, "Where did we see that movie?" or "In which country did I buy this purse?" pop quizzes.

So, naturally, I bet him to challenge his memory of our journey against mine, with the winner getting to choose our next destination. At this point I think he's letting me win. He's only chosen Turkey, or Istanbul specifically. In my defense, we did stay in his chosen city for 3-months, as opposed to the planned 3-days, because, well, I'm fair like that.

You will not find a 'Donate' tab on my blog, however, you can view and purchase select pieces of artwork by Jarrell in our Art Store, and order a snack box from Thailand. If you are interested in learning how we became digital entrepreneurs, I invite you to join my eCourses. Lastly, we encourage you to email us with any requests, partnerships or feedback in general, we love hearing from our viewers. Jarrell and I both serve as consultants for travel, business and lifestyle building, in addition to occasionally lending our talents to freelance projects.

we still travel for growth

Rome, Italy

black american girl traveling

Guelmim, Morocco

Cozumel, Mexico

A Week in Paris

Paris, France