Best Websites for Flight Deals

When I write or tell people about the amazing deals I get on airline tickets, they naturally ask how I find these steals. The truth, per usual, is part luck and part formula. I have websites that I frequent whenever I am planning our next move and they have proven to be life (and money) savers time and time again. Use this information to find different deals depending on your location, these are my favorite and best websites for flight deals.

The Flight Deal is my favorite site for airline ticket deals from the United States. If you’re looking to plan a trip, either domestic or international, leaving from the states then this needs to be your daily stop. I would even suggest you subscribe to emails for your location. The Flight Deal lists all types of airline deals as well as when you can book and sample travel dates. This site alerted me to the website glitch that allowed me to purchase two one-way flights to Italy for $288.

Secret Flying is my favorite website for airline deals leaving from Europe, or other parts of the world. After spending a year in Europe, I got really discouraged when I couldn’t find a service comparable to The Flight Deal. Eventually I emailed The Flight Deal asking if they knew of any websites based in Europe to assist me and they sent an entire list of websites focusing all over Europe (email me if you’d like the full list). Secret Flying specializes in flights out of Europe, as well as the states, and is great if you’re living or traveling to abroad. is my favorite website to gauge airline ticket prices, especially when I do not yet have a destination in mind. You can put in your current location as well as your desired location to figure out prices of airline tickets from a wide range of airlines. One of my favorite features is the ability to stretch your time of travel from a specific date to a month or even an entire year. That way you can easily identify the cheapest times to travel to your desired location. What makes Skyscanner my first stop when planning our next move is their ability to tell you how cheaply you can fly to anywhere in the world. Simply put your current location as your desired departure and ‘everywhere’ as your desired destination. If you’re looking to plan an international trip this year, try this tool out with the year date range and it will tell you the cheapest times to travel everywhere in the world.

Best Websites for Flight Deals

Once I have narrowed my desired region down I use another tactic of bargain shopping the cheapest airlines in my desired area. Most people know to go with Jetblue, Spirit and Southwest when looking to travel cheaply within the states, but do you know the comparable airlines in the different regions of the world? Whenever you are abroad and would like to travel to more than one place by plane, try these airlines out for the cheapest airline tickets wherever you are.


  • Air Asia
  • Jet Star
  • Tiger
  • Lion Air

Australia/New Zealand:

  • Virgin Blue
  • Pacific Blue


  • Easy Jet
  • Ryan Air
  • Air Berlin
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle
  • Air WOW


  • Spice Jet
  • King Fisher Red
  • Jet Lite
  • Indigo

Middle East:

  • Jazeera Airways
  • Fly Dubai
  • Air Arabia

South America:

  • Sky
  • Azul
  • Gol
best websites for flight deals
best websites for flight deals

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