Stop Stealing Dreams

We’re all born optimistic. We see the good in people and, most importantly, we see the good in ourselves. We believe that we can do and be anything we want, and the world seems to revolve around us in a subconsciously selfish kind of way. We’re all creative and opinionated, regardless of whether we’re confident enough to express those opinions. We feel, we think, we dream.

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My Advice for Traveling Indefinitely

advice for traveling indefinitely

I’ve been overwhelmed with messages and emails from readers that have heard of our story and decided that indefinite travel seems like something they want to do. I cannot express how honored I am to inspire people, but I feel extremely uncomfortable as the catalyst for such a huge decision. Yes, I quit the career I hated to create a lifestyle centered around my desire to travel and write, and yes, its all worked out to be a great adventure, but it is very unique and tailored to my loves and my Love. The process was far from overnight and I honestly don’t think our plan of “winging it” is a good plan to follow.

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How We’ve Afforded to Travel For Four Years (And How You Can Too!)

I get asked how we afford to travel more than I care to answer. Initially, I thought it was beyond intrusive, but I’ve grown to understand it a bit more over the past three years. When someone asks me how I afford to travel nonstop (or clicks on an article like this one) they’re actually wondering how I am able to make money without a ‘job’.

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Travel for Personal Growth

Travel for Growth -2

Growing up my father would take my siblings and I all over the United States, trying his best to plant the seed of travel. As a history buff he would always find relevant historical landmarks for us to visit, while mixing in more relatable experiences for us to remember. I still have a rock I took from the school of the Little Rock Nine in Arkansas on our way across the country. This being my introduction to travel, I have always desired more of a genuine understanding of a place over a simple visit.

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My Decision to Honeymoon Indefinitely

travel advice

The idea of traveling is thrown around often, usually as a want or desire, but rarely as a necessity. I believe in the latter, traveling is vital for your development and understanding of the world. However, making the decision to travel is very complex and sometimes overwhelming. There are many sacrifices that have to be made to travel for long periods, or honeymoon indefinitely, in our case.

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The Blueprint to Happiness

Blueprint Happiness

I have found that many people want a blueprint of my travel plan, or life in general. They want to know what I did, and they want to see receipts. Maybe they think I’m lying, or even worse, that with a list of executable steps to follow, my process can easily be duplicated.  When I decided to quit my career I wanted a blueprint, a map of sorts, searching for a sense of security in my newfound uncertainty. I never found a map and I cannot draw a generic one that will help everyone. The truth is, what I did is much less important than how I thought.

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Becoming A Backpacker

Travel for Growth-4

I’m often asked about my thoughts and feelings once we embarked on our indefinite international adventure. People always want to know what becoming a backpacker is really like. Neither of us had ever went backpacking, or even left the country before embarking on this journey, so we had no idea what we were doing. I decided to share this journal entry I wrote as we were flying to Panama, our first country on this adventure. These were my thoughts on day one of becoming a backpacker:

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Dream Life Calculator Tool

I am often asked about the financial costs of traveling abroad indefinitely. When my husband and I initially announced to our family and friends that we would be embarking on an indefinite journey that would begin with two one-way airline tickets abroad, they were both confused and afraid. Although none of them had ever embarked on a comparable journey, they all assumed it would be astronomically expensive. How would we afford it? How would we generate money?

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