My Dream & Dilemma

I want to write.

I’ve wanted to write books for as long as I can remember. Short stories have always been my forte. I daydream my life, and imaginary tales, in such great detail that they eventually manifest themselves into reality or stories that I write or live out myself.

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5 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

5 easy ways to make money online

The term ‘digital nomad’ is the new hippie – it sounds cool, but most people that claim to be one are just faking it. It’s so much more than a title. It’s all about the freedom and independence associated with it. A digital nomad is anyone that works online, and therefore has the freedom to live any and everywhere in the world. That’s what we do and how we have traveled and lived abroad for the past three years.

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A Week in Paris

We recently took a spur of the moment trip to Paris for a romantic break in our usual travel plan. After learning of a week delay before starting our house sit in England, Jarrell suggested to spend our break in France. Paris has always been on our long list of places we want to see on our journey, so we were beyond excited to add this stop to our adventure. I quickly learned that you could travel very cheaply from London to Paris, so we decided to spend a little extra on our apartment. Besides, you only get one first trip to Paris, right?

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Part 3: The Roadmap to Success

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As a writer, I have always understood the power of words, as well as their ability to distort and exaggerate reality. A tiny studio apartment can become ‘an intimate space’, with just a few keystrokes. While you may leave the Thursday viewing irate, ranting about how the real estate agent misrepresented the property, you might also find yourself mentioning how intimate the space was after a few mimosas at Saturday’s brunch.

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My Advice for Traveling Indefinitely

advice for traveling indefinitely

I’ve been overwhelmed with messages and emails from readers that have heard of our story and decided that indefinite travel seems like something they want to do. I cannot express how honored I am to inspire people, but I feel extremely uncomfortable as the catalyst for such a huge decision. Yes, I quit the career I hated to create a lifestyle centered around my desire to travel and write, and yes, its all worked out to be a great adventure, but it is very unique and tailored to my loves and my Love. The process was far from overnight and I honestly don’t think our plan of “winging it” is a good plan to follow.

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The Truth About Traveling Nonstop for Two Years

I recently got another influx of readers due to our latest feature. When people hear of our indefinite honeymoon, they like the pictures, but comments always suggest that they want to know more. Where’s the struggle? What’s the horror story? There has to be more to it. Who are these people that would drop everything to spend two years abroad? What’s happened in their years on the road? Well, I read your comments. Here’s what it’s really like to travel nonstop for two years.

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