Free Shipping In The Art Store!

You’ve all been asking for me to bring back our travel posters, so I have! Jarrell and I created all of these art pieces together. Honestly, I was just the muse, and these are really Jarrell’s creations.

In the Wanderlust Footprint Series, it is actually my foot used, and on the Paris Lipstick Painting, those are my kisses! Each painting was created because of how we fell in love with places we have visited on our indefinite honeymoon, our hope is that we can share our journey with you.

And for a limited time, all posters ship for free!

Visit the shop here!

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Looking For Travel Advice? #AskAmirah

I can’t even begin to keep track of all the emails, messages, and comments I receive seeking advice about everything from packing lists to travel destinations. While I love answering your questions and building relationships with my readers, I often wish I could share my answers with all of you, because some of you have the same questions, and I bet that others are too shy to even ask a question! Well, I’ve created the solution!

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The Beauty of Location Independence

Two years into my corporate career, I knew it wasn’t for me. After countless college classes and training courses, stressing the importance of efficiency, I couldn’t ignore the ironic redundancy in my profession.

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2015 Travel Highlights

Honestly, I can’t believe this year is over already. It has been such a great year and we’ve had the opportunity to visit so many new places, while also spending a little time in repeat destinations.

All in all, we visited twelve countries this year. Rather than bore you with an extremely long post, I’ll just pick some of my favorite destinations for this 2015 roundup.

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Why I Delayed My Trip To Paris

Asia was “it” for me. Every time one of my Instagram friends goes to Asia, I’m always thinking how much I want to visit while scrolling through the breathtaking pictures.

I’ll always remember the guy we met from Amsterdam that so vividly described Vietnam and other parts of South East Asia

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My Love Affair with Morocco: Part II

my love affair with morocco my love affair with morocco

If you follow my blog or have read my ebook, then you know I prefer to live outside of the tourist areas when traveling. I’m most interested in understanding and embracing new cultures, which is very difficult when you’re surrounded by restaurants serving hamburgers and stores selling American flag t-shirts. Luckily, we booked an apartment on the outskirts of Marrakech for the first part of our trip, so we were able to get a more genuine feel than you do in the medina. While we enjoyed our time in Marrakech, we wanted to travel further south for cultural and historical purposes. So, naturally, that’s what we did.

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The Coolest Lie Ever Told

Travel has played a huge role in my life, directly and indirectly. I was born just outside of a military base in Germany, before being raised in Columbus, Ohio. My parents were both from the east coast, so I grew up far away from my extended family, with no sentimental attachment to my hometown. As a child, I took countless road trips with my family, visiting relatives and competing in track meets every summer. It was no surprise when I decided to leave Ohio for college, or when I chose to head to LA after graduation. I have always been a wanderer that makes up the rules as I go.

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