The Truth About Traveling Nonstop for Two Years


I recently got another influx of readers due to our latest feature. When people hear of our indefinite honeymoon, they like the pictures, but comments always suggest that they want to know more. Where’s the struggle? What’s the horror story? There has to be more to it. Who are these people that would drop everything to spend two years abroad? What’s happened in their years on the road? Well, I read your comments. Here’s what it’s really like to travel nonstop for two years.

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How We’ve Afforded to Travel For Three Years (And How You Can Too!)


I get asked how we afford to travel more than I care to answer. Initially I thought it was beyond intrusive, but I’ve grown to understand it a bit more over the past two years. When someone asks me how I afford to travel nonstop (or clicks on an article like this one) they’re actually wondering how I am able to make money without a ‘job’.

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