Cheap Travel in Europe


We flew to Europe on a whim, without a plan or even an expectation. We just happened to catch a flight glitch that landed us on the border of Tuscany for three months. With that came a sharp learning curve. We initially thought that we would travel to Italy, stay for three months, then head to another European country and do the same. This was our strategy in Central America, but it was a no-go in Europe. When you arrive in Europe you are given a 90-day Tourist Visa. This visa is good for 90-days throughout the entire Schengen Area, which includes all of Europe (except The United Kingdom and Ireland). Immediately I went on a hunt to find options for cheap travel in Europe.

With that information we headed to one of my favorite websites for flight deals, Skyscanner, to see where we could fly for cheap. The results were pretty amazing. Check out how cheaply you can fly from Italy to other countries in Europe on the picture below. [Note: This picture was taken months in advance for the month of October, a relatively low season in Europe.]


Cheap Travel in Europe


If you happen to be traveling on a flexible schedule, with time to spare, busses may be a better option for you. I’m not sure if it is because of my parents taking me on so many road trips as a child or the scenery, but I love traveling by land. In many regions (Central America, South America, Europe, etc.) you can travel throughout countries by bus for extremely cheap prices. Check out the prices below for cheap (and long, which is why I mentioned the requirement of schedule flexibility) bus routes from London to Amsterdam and Paris. You can bus using MegaBus, IDBus or Eurolines. [Note: Bus tickets are not available far in advance, schedules usually only stretch a month in in time.]


Cheap Travel in Europe
Travel From London To Paris For $27 on Short Notice.


Cheap Travel in Europe
Bus From London to Amsterdam for $23 on Short Notice.

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