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As of today I have been traveling the world for 871 days, or two years and five months. You probably only know me as the girl that’s honeymooning indefinitely with her fine husband, but that hasn’t always been my life. Three years ago, when we were living in our hometown in Ohio, I had no idea how to create this lifestyle, but luckily I didn’t let that stop me.


I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I had no idea how. I read every piece of entrepreneurial information and advice I could get my hands on, but they all seemed to require an idea. There is more than enough information about how to grow or market a concept into a successful business, but what if you don’t have a brilliant idea? I constantly found myself frustrated with the lack of information for starting from scratch – no experience, no idea, no money.

My lack of experience, despite my business school degree, led me to sitting in my apartment brainstorming ideas to launch a business. Execution has always been one of my strong suits. Once I have a goal or target, mapping out a plan and implementing a strategy has never been difficult for me. But without a goal or target, I tend to get deflated, and have a harder time staying focused and motivated. So without a creative strategy, I was waiting for the lightbulb effect – you know, when the idea pops into your mind and your stroke of genius illuminates over your head – hoping that would give me direction and guidance.

It never came. So I started making bad business decisions and wasting investing money to implement plans without any indication that they would be successful. It was an interesting time, but in some way it led me here. Fast-forward three years later; I have launched several online businesses – a few of which were actually lightbulb ideas that randomly came to me in the shower, but the majority were based on research and reverse engineering.

Consulting has become a major part of my life, professionally and personally, because several of my clients are sure to be lifelong friends, and many of my sessions give me clarity on my life and journey. First, let me take a step back and go further into my consultancy, because a couple of years ago, if someone told me they were a consultant, I would have undoubtedly asked, “And what the hell is that?”

A consultant, in general, simply provides expert advice in a specific area. Personally, I serve as a consultant for travel, online business development, and most popularly, creating a remote lifestyle for others that hope to travel indefinitely as we do.

I help people map out a way to create a lifestyle they want from scratch – no experience, no idea, no money. Together we create a life map, which includes business goals and freelancing expertise. Immediate income from a new business is great, though unlikely, which is why I always suggest taking up freelancing to bring in money now.

I work with clients all around the world to help them identify their expertise, price their services, locate and attract clients, and learn to close the deal. By partnering freelancing and business development, you’re able to set up your online business for long-term success, while freelancing for immediate short-term stability and funding.

Last year I launched Passport to Passive Income, an eCourse designed to teach participants how to make money online, an idea that came to me after a consulting session. I realized my readers were interested in living a remote lifestyle, so I provided them with all the information they needed to grow their business ideas and audiences. However, just as all the entrepreneurial information I read from my apartment in Ohio, my course started with the assumption that you had your idea, completely forgetting the most important step, which holds so many people back from ever starting: The Lightbulb Effect.

So, rather than focusing on a follow-up course to Passport to Passive Income, I have decided to work backwards, and create a prequel course to teach you how to develop an idea, which is an extremely necessary step, and where all of my consultations begin. My new eCourse is designed to short circuit my consultations with clients starting from scratch, and its everything I wish I had three years ago in Ohio.

There is a written course, in addition to video lessons, webinars, live stream video chats to ask specific questions regarding your ideas, as well as a forum for participants to openly communicate for assistance and clarification.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about becoming a freelancer, as well as developing a business from scratch – no experience, no idea, no money. You will gain access to all of my consultancy tools, including a life map, goal calendar, budget templates, and so much more. The best part is that there will be ongoing content continuously added, and you will continue to have access to more exclusive content as it is added, in addition to the eCourse.

The Lightbulb Effect begins on March 14, and because of the live stream and webinar sessions, there will only be limited spaces available. Today, I excitedly invite you to enroll and reserve your spot in my new eCourse: The Lightbulb Effect.

**This price will never be lowered for individual sale.

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    1. Hey Nikki! The live streams will vary on times and dates, and my goal is to make sure every video session is recorded to be shared permanently in the members only section.

  1. Hello Amirah! I’m so excited about participating in the webinar today! Is there going to be an email sent out as to the specifics about the webinar such as time, and the link to participate? I just want to make sure I’m available for the live stream. Thanks!

  2. I found it, Thanks! Can I still enroll in the Light Bulb Effect?

    This has always been a dream of mine and now is the perfect time. I am so excited to have been introduced to your site by a friend who posted the article on fb. I look forward to joining your class and hearing more about how I can live out my dream.

    Thanks once again,
    Penny. Fine Design

    1. Hi Love! Thanks for reaching out. You can enroll in Passport Income at any time. Use coupon code: PASSPORT for half off. The Lightbulb Effect will start a new session on June 1. Registration will open later this week!

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