Bocas Del Toro Parade

We were living on the main island of Bocas Del Toro, Panama when we stumbled across a parade that included this dance routine by a group of young children dressed in beautifully colorful outfits. We found that Central America in general tended to have vibrant colors everywhere we went, from the architecture to the clothing styles.

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Hiking on Bastimentos Island

Visiting Bastimentos in Bocas Del Toro cool young history Pre-Order My New eBook Now! hiking in bastimentos Hiking on Bastimentos Island

Hiking on Bastimentos Island, proved to be one of our most enjoyable and adventurous activities to date. The hike is both strenuous and exceptionally beautiful. There are unbelievable views and steep inclines for the first half. The island is known for small and poisonous red dart frogs, which you will see on the hike, if you look out for them. You will also see lizards and an occasional snake if you’re [un]lucky.

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How to Sell Your Things to Travel


When we decided to travel abroad indefinitely we made the decision to sell all of our things. Although I didn’t know exactly how long I would travel, I refused to tie myself to anything, especially literal things. It definitely would have been easier, though more expensive, to just keep my apartment or put things in storage while I allowed my wanderlust to flourish. Like with moving, you do not realize how much stuff you have acquired until you have to get rid of it. When faced with such large projects I like to break it down into small, manageable groups. This is my advice on how to sell all your things to travel.

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Best Places to Stay in Casco Viejo, Panama City

Best place to stay in casco viejo panama city

I have mentioned before that I do not stay at hostels too often. I travel with my husband so when charged per person, hostel rooms can get very comparable to hotel room prices. I’m not a huge fan of bunk beds or dorm rooms and shared bathrooms don’t really excite me. However, I am a miser and will always check all of my options and read plenty of reviews before choosing accommodation regardless of where I’m traveling.

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I Finally Quit My Career

i finally quit my career

It is always difficult to pinpoint the catalyst of a movement after the dust has settled. Like most crossroads in life, there were many factors and people that played a role in my decision to quit my job. It was undoubtedly a scary and tough choice to make, but for me it was necessary. I was not happy with the person I was becoming – worried about others perceptions of me more than I was my own happiness. Chasing an ambiguous checking account balance, living in the ever-materialistic City of Angels, I had become more interested in what I had than who I was.

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