Looking For Travel Advice? #AskAmirah


I can’t even begin to keep track of all the emails, messages, and comments I receive seeking advice about everything from packing lists to travel destinations. While I love answering your questions and building relationships with my readers, I often wish I could share my answers with all of you, because some of you have the same questions, and I bet that others are too shy to even ask a question! Well, I’ve created the solution!

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A Week in Paris


We recently took a spur of the moment trip to Paris for a romantic break in our usual travel plan. After learning of a week delay before starting our house sit in England, Jarrell suggested to spend our break in France. Paris has always been on our long list of places we want to see on our journey, so we were beyond excited to add this stop to our adventure. I quickly learned that you could travel very cheaply from London to Paris, so we decided to spend a little extra on our apartment. Besides, you only get one first trip to Paris, right?

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2015 Travel Highlights


Honestly, I can’t believe this year is over already. It has been such a great year and we’ve had the opportunity to visit so many new places, while also spending a little time in repeat destinations.

All in all, we visited twelve countries this year. Rather than bore you with an extremely long post, I’ll just pick some of my favorite destinations for this 2015 roundup.

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Why I Delayed My Trip To Paris


Asia was “it” for me. Every time one of my Instagram friends goes to Asia, I’m always thinking how much I want to visit while scrolling through the breathtaking pictures.

I’ll always remember the guy we met from Amsterdam that so vividly described Vietnam and other parts of South East Asia

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Part 3: The Roadmap to Success


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As a writer, I have always understood the power of words, as well as their ability to distort and exaggerate reality. A tiny studio apartment can become ‘an intimate space’, with just a few keystrokes. While you may leave the Thursday viewing irate, ranting about how the real estate agent misrepresented the property, you might also find yourself mentioning how intimate the space was after a few mimosas at Saturday’s brunch.

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Finding Your Cool & Discovering Your Passion

Finding Your Cool & Discovering Your Passion

Finding your own way can be a difficult task after years of following directions. I know it was for me. It was as if my life was already predetermined for me, and I was just going through the motions. The ability to pick small details – which sports I would play, what college I would attend, my college major – created a small sense of freedom, but honestly, I was on auto-pilot.

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