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Daydreams eBook

$9.99 $6.99

Erotic Romance, Only Available in Digital eBook Version, Download Instantly in PDF Format.



Burdened by a failing investment property, Emily and Daniel find themselves on a one-way road to divorce. Frustrated by her lack of appreciation, and overly spontaneous decisions, Daniel is at his wits end, choosing to focus on his career rather than fixing his home life. As the daughter of a successful hotelier, Emily isn’t used to struggle, but her stubborn ways won’t get her far in the battle of love. Emboldened by desire, she tries her hand at saving her marriage, but will it be enough to rescue their crumbling union?

Daniel is used to being in control, so she knows this could go either way. What neither of them ever guessed is how small their current problems would be in the grand scheme of their lives. Read on, for a seductive and erotic tale of two worlds that collide in one unpredictable turn after the next. The first book in the Daydreams saga is an erotic page turner that will leave you wanting more.



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