Taste Snacks From Around The World!

international snack box

I’ve always wanted to bring my travels to others around the world, while understanding that everyone cannot physically join me, and many do not even desire to visit a bunch of countries.

So, I found a fun middle ground that allows everyone to participate in my journey, by literally tasting my travels.

Here’s How It Works

In every country we visit, we try out the junk food, and pick our absolute favorites. We make sure to pick a variety of flavors – sweet, salty, savory – as well as textures – chewy, gummy, crunchy, etc.

It is so much fun for us to try the different flavors in every destination, and it is the epitome of what I love about traveling – it makes even the most common tasks exciting and interesting!

My goal is to share my experience with others, with the hope that they will do the same. Whether you’re introducing your children to a new culture, teaching diversity to your classroom, reminiscing with friends, introducing a fun tradition at work, or simply enjoying a new experience with loved ones, the snack boxes are a great way to make memories without ever leaving home.

There Are Limited Boxes

Everything about these snack boxes is a complete labor of love. Between the cost of the snacks and shipping, I barely break even, without even accounting for my time and effort to actually package and ship the boxes. For that reason, I have to limit the amount of boxes available each month, with priority going to those that have already signed up for a subscription service.

If you are interested in claiming a box, you can sign up here.

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