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traveling while black

We recently celebrated our third ‘freedom-versary’, as my best friend named it. On October 1, 2013 we boarded one-way flights to Panama City, and have been gallivanting the world ever since. The plan was to hop around South America for three years, concluding the adventure in Brazil at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Honestly, we never thought we could hop across continents, or even visit our dream destinations (London for me, Tokyo for Jarrell). But somehow we managed to exceed our wildest expectations, visiting over 25- countries on 4-continents, including extended stays at both of our dream destinations.

Unfortunately, the Zika virus scared us away from Brazil, so we altered the plan a bit, but as the three-year mark approached, we definitely started to yearn for the next chapter.

traveling while black

Traveling nonstop is fun, and definitely has its perks – its ever changing, everyday is an adventure, and you’re constantly busy planning the next step. On the other hand, traveling nonstop has a down side – its ever changing, everyday is an adventure, and you’re constantly busy planning the next step. That’s a difficult environment to focus in, because as soon as you get settled, it’s time to go.

We did give ourselves more time than traditional travelers, so we didn’t rush through places. We tried to really live in most countries we visited, rent an apartment, shop at local markets, and stay for at least one month. But let me tell you, one-month flies by!

We always knew that after three years, we wanted to pick one of the places we had visited and live there for at least one-year. We had been taste-testing lifestyles and destinations alike, with the plan to actually create the unique lifestyle we wanted. So we created a shortlist. We wanted a place with warm weather and easy access to beautiful beaches. We knew it had to be an international hub, so that we could still travel often, just without lugging everything we own. Lastly, we knew we wanted to enjoy a low cost of living while focusing on building our artistic careers.

Somehow that equaled Thailand for us.

A Spontaneous Trip to Phi Phi Islands

We lived in Phuket for a month at the beginning of this year and absolutely loved it. The weather, the culture, the food, the cost of living, everything was just ideal for us. So I’m happy to announce that we are not homeless anymore! We decided on a modern condo in Bangkok to focus on our careers for the next twelve months.

What Does That Mean for the Blog?

Naturally, I want to take you along on this journey with us. Of course we’ll still be traveling quite often, but more importantly, we’ll be able to share our creations with you. Now that I’m not packing and unpacking every other month, I’ll be able to blog more consistently. I will continue to share my journey to creating the lifestyle I want, and all the pitfalls that come along with it. I’m also extremely happy to begin incorporating Jarrell’s artwork, and sharing it with you more regularly.

So here’s to the beginning of our 4th year of freedom, and the next chapter of our cool young history.

Check out Jarrell’s first paintings I’ll be showcasing below. And click on each one for more information for purchasing. Each painting is an original, one of one, inspired by me, duh. 😉


traveling while black american artist painter


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  1. Wow wow wow!!! So incredibly proud (and envious) of this moment in your journey! Rell’s paintings are amazing. Sending lots of love and hugs. xo

  2. Congrats sister I’m so excited for you guys. -As always I’m praying for traveling mercies and protection as you are in these different countries.

  3. Wow!!! I’m so excited for you both. Thailand is one of our (Jetta & I)bucket list locations. I hope that when we get there we will be able to meet you both! Your journey is so inspiring!!! Thank you for continuing to share your experiences with us!!

  4. Omg that’s so exciting!! Would love to catch up with you guys either in Phuket or when we’re in Bangkok…just look for Jerkyz when you start craving that authentic jerk chicken! Xxx

  5. Living in a foreign country? That’s a heck of an adventure. I look forward to reading about your experience living abroad in Thailand! It’ll be so different from just simply visiting the place for a month.

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