Stop Stealing Dreams

We’re all born optimistic. We see the good in people and, most importantly, we see the good in ourselves. We believe that we can do and be anything we want, and the world seems to revolve around us in a subconsciously selfish kind of way. We’re all creative and opinionated, regardless of whether we’re confident enough to express those opinions. We feel, we think, we dream.

As we grow older, we’re bombarded by expectations and pressures that somehow find their way into our psyche and begin to control our dreams the way that NBC gets to define ‘news’. Anxiety begins to push our creativity further and further away until we reluctantly box it up and store it in the attic, where the sun will fade the cardboard and dust will accumulate on the talents we once loved so much.

We continue to celebrate birthdays as we accumulate more and more things and check on our box of creativity less and less. We listen to the mentors and follow the guidance from our advisors as we continue to march bravely in our ill fitted suits, pretending to be ‘grown ups’.

Once we achieve the graduations, certifications and congratulations we thought we wanted so much, we look around and realize that happiness is not in attendance. All of those accomplishments did not fulfill us, regardless of whether they were the catalyst for years of bragging from those that encouraged their completion. While the pats on the back from our advisors were enough nourishment in the beginning, they can no longer fill the hole in our heart.

If you’re lucky enough, you will realize this and march back up to the attic to unpack your box of creativity, aspirations and dreams, before it’s too late. You will have the confidence to struggle and build the life you desire the same way you climbed every other ladder you’ve faced. You will be able to see your advisors for who they really are, without an ounce of resentment. You will know that they led you to exactly where they were, but now you will see that they were misled all along. They’ve moved on and left their box of dreams many years ago, along with their optimism and creativity. They thought that taking your dreams away was the best thing they could do for you and your future.

But they were wrong.

Protect your dreams.

Stop stealing dreams.

Live your cool young history.

Create the lifestyle you want.

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  1. I like this article. Very inspiring. I wish 20+ yrs ago we had information like this out here. But I’m glad you & your husband are doing it. Take care.

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