[VIDEO] Kit Kat Adventures in Tokyo

[VIDEO] Kit Kat Adventures in Tokyo

Did you know that Japan has a ridiculous number of Kit Kat flavors scattered throughout the country? Some are only available in specific regions, and most are seasonal treats. I’m very serious about these Kit Kats, and have been determined to try as many flavors as possible since we booked our flights to Tokyo.

So, naturally, we made an adventure out of it – running around the city searching for as many crazy flavors as possible. Tokyo is a very connected and easily accessible city, and after two weeks of practice, we’re pretty comfortable with the train and metro system. So we got a day pass and hopped from place to place, searching for different flavors, which included a stop at the only Kit Kat store in the world – The Kit Kat Chocolatory.

Watch our adventure, as we travel throughout the city, and taste test our findings, in this funny video Jarrell and I made.

Have you ever tried any of these Kit Kat flavors? What’s your favorite?

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  1. lol…”we have to stop. I have whiskey, and you know I have priorities” too funnY! #mysentimentsexactly

    Love it! I need some purple sweet potato and tea kitkats in my life.

    I love this blog! Keep it up. You guys are so inspiring!

    Ordering my box soon!


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